Covid-19 – Safety Information for Customers

Customer Advisory Covid-19

Transfervans believes that the safety of the public and our teams are paramount. In order to support all parties, we’ve made a few minor changes to our delivery processes to comply with Covid-19 Social Distancing requirements.

Please Maintain Physical Distancing

Please remain at least 2 Metres away from our delivery teams at all times.

Reduced Service for 1-Person Moves

To ensure physical distancing is maintained, our one-person delivery teams will not be able to assist in moving large items

To avoid any risk that the delivery cannot be completed, please have another person from your own bubble present (a total of two) to load and unload the vehicle.

No Shared Devices or Close Contact

Please ensure that there is no direct contact with our delivery team. We’ll take photos to confirm delivery. You will not be asked to sign for deliveries.

Contactless Delivery

Our moving / delivery team(s) will take photos as part of our contactless Proof of Delivery (POD). Thank you for your cooperation.

Business Delivery Booking Platform Gets a Facelift

Since the inception of Transfervans, we’ve put our customers first. That’s why we are committed to to building the most customer centric delivery platform that there is.

With all the feedback that we have collected. We made come improvements to our business platform which were launched on 9th March 2019.

The goal of this new update is simple:

Transfervans is committed to helping retailers reduce the time spent on managing deliveries by improving the user experience and making the system more intuitive

What’s new?

It’s not all cosmetic with the update, there’s some nifty new features too.

Tracking Page for your Customers

All business deliveries will now have tracking links that you can share with your customers. This means your customers can track the status of their deliveries directly, without the need to contact the driver, your store or our customer service team. 

We shall also continue to use SMS / text message notifications to your customers.

Tracking link will be automatically generated after a booking is made and is found under each job page.

What’s improved?

  1. Dashboard

Design of Booking

This is more than just a fancy re-design, the objective is to help you reduce the time it takes to find all the important information about your upcoming deliveries. So we added:

  • New Tiles to showing your Tracking Deliveries for
    • Deliveries Today, Upcoming Deliveries, and Monthly Completed
      • Click on the tiles to see the deliveries
  • Drop-down: Pickup Location Selection:
    • Select between different location pickups to see what is due for pickup that day
  • Drop-down: Day Selection:
    • You can now select deliveries by filtering by today, tomorrow or all upcoming (All, Today and Upcoming)
  • Clearer job list
    • See your deliveries at a glance
  1. Booking Page

We have added new fields to the booking page to give us a better understanding of the delivery (for flexi-standard customers), provide freight-pricing where available and ensure that deliveries go off without a hitch.

So, to avoid errors and reduce nuisance for you and your customers. We have added:

  • Select any Pickup Location
    • Select from your Site List, or;
    • Add any pickup location
      • useful for one-off pickups from a supplier, or;
      • a return from a customer
  • Authority to Leave options
    • If chosen, customers can specify where they would like their items left.
  • Cartons, Volume and Weight inputs
    • To ensure we send the right vehicle to the job and to provide the best possible pricing, just fill in the details to avoid issues and get the best available pricing
  • Accessories
    • We are happy to deliver a few smaller items at the same time as the large items. We have added this category specifically for those smaller items, usually delivered as no charge.
    • Pop all those pillows into a box, and we’ll deliver along with the sofa
      • Note: only a selected type of items can be categorised as accessories (e.g. pillows, small lamps, covers etc).  Click the “?” next to the title for more details.
  1. Booked Job Page

Once a job has been added, you’ll see the Booked Job Board has had an overview to make details clearer.

Primary information is now more prominent and placed at the top of the page with primary secondary information, such as time of delivery and driver details, highlighted in yellow on the left (or below on mobile device).

Additional details are also available to view at a glance, three categories:

  1. (i.e. Customer,
  2. Pickup / Drop Off Location
    1. Delivery Access Instructions
    2. Delivery / Authority to Leave Instructions
  3. Delivery Items

Transfervans always strives to be the best in the market when it comes to technology and usability. Do you have more feedback?

Contact the team at [email protected]  We’d love to hear from you!

Text Message and SMS Delivery Notification Improvements

Aucklander’s can now get a better delivery experience for bulky items , with the arrival of new SMS notifications, from Transfervans.

Our business was launched as a technology platform to reduce the delivery hassle for retailers and customers alike. By bringing delivery providers together with retailers and customers, we believed we could create an amazing customer centric business.

So recently, we’ve overhauled the text messaging notification system to improve communication for retail deliveries (and made a few improvements to consumer bookings too).

With this rework of the text notification system, we aim to reduce the uncertainty and anxiety for your customers to ensure they are not trapped inside the house, waiting for a delivery.

Based on customer and retailer feedback, we know one big issue that causes anxiety is lack of communication. So this update is about ensuring relevant details are being communicated at the right time.

So what has improved or added?

  • Delivery Arranged
    • Text message advises when when the delivery date will be at the time of booking
  • Expectation Management
    • All messages now advise when customer can next expect communication, thus reducing uncertainty in the delivery process
  • Reduction of Duplicate Messages
    • We’ve made each message more purposeful and meaningful
    • Reminder messages will be sent in the morning of delivery only if not booked same-day
  • Send Delivery Expectation(s)
    • Drivers will advise delivery expectations (Morning or Afternoon), on day of delivery
  • One-Hour Away / On Way SMS Messages
    • Keeping customer’s up-to-date improves customer experience and reduces failed deliveries
  • Send Driver Details
    • Driver details are advised to the customer on the day of delivery, so customers can advise urgent updates
  • Job update texts are now more explicit
    • Includes delivery date and time: allowing errors to be corrected

Transfervans is always working to reducing hassle and anxiety for you and your customers.

If you have any suggestions, please let us know!

You can always email us at [email protected]

On-Demand Delivery Continues to be ‘In-Demand’

Have you heard? Uber is valued at up to $120 billion in its possible upcoming IPO, according to a recent WSJ article. This is crazy – it means it’d be worth more than 5 times of Fletcher Building, Fonterra, Air New Zealand and Spark NZ… combined. UberEats itself is already worth $20 billion!

Speaking of UberEats, other food and grocery delivery services are also getting a lot of attention lately. Instascart has recently got a whopping $600 million investment that puts its valuation at $7.6 billion. They are also looking to go public soon. Doordash (on-demand food delivery service in the US) is not far behind at $4 billion valuations.

With Uber leading the pack, it’s safe to say the on-demand economy is here to stay. Uber even announced their drone delivery service recently, albeit it’s not coming until 2021.

What do you think the future of deliveries will look like? Do you agree with us that the on-demand economy is here to stay? We’d love to know your thoughts!

Other interesting articles this month:

Uber tests ‘Uber Works’ to supply on-demand temporary workers

Impact of Sharing Economy on Truck Transportation


A lot has been written on the impact the sharing economy has had and will have on the logistics and transportation sector. Some have even moved so far as to predict that the sharing economy and the new opportunities it represents will destruct the traditional industry eventually (The New Economy). Others are less extreme in their predictions and talk more about the rise of new complementary business models and opportunities to collaborate (The International Transport Forum; Mckinsey; PWC).

In my view, the transportation sector is well established. Decades of investments, that easily accumulate trillion of dollars globally, are not easily replaced. Most businesses based on the sharing economy (i.e. Zipcar, AirBnB, Yerdle) also exist because they find ways to capitalize on these previous and continuous investments made by the existing industry or private individuals. Hence there should be synergies to be explored between the existing industry and the sharing economy. Let me ask a hypothetical question: What would have happened if Uber and the taxi industry had partnered in the early days. If we assume the taxi industry would have been receptive to new innovations and business models, perhaps both parties would have benefited rather than ending up as rivals. Uber could have saved billions of dollars on driver acquisitions; and expensive head on head marketing campaigns would have been obsolete. However, I did not raise this hypothetical question to encourage further speculation into what-if-scenarios.

I am the founder of Transfervans, which is best described as an Uber style delivery service for over-sized items. The idea came when I bought a new couch from a retailer on a Saturday but was told that they only deliver to my area between 8am – 5pm on Wednesday. Since I am working full-time it meant I would have to be at home the whole day to wait for the delivery. I tried to find an alternative delivery service but did not succeed. Given that everyone we spoke to had had a similar experience, we decided to build a business to solve this problem. Essentially, Transfervans is an online platform that connects customers in need of a delivery with van or truck owners. We solely focus on last-mile-deliveries, which amounts up to 28% of the total transportation cost of goods (Wikipedia). The last-mile-delivery network is also considered the least efficient part of the existing transportation network. Since our launch in June 2016, the market response has been well beyond our expectations.

Businesses such as ours that understand the sharing economy and possess the technical know-how to build popular platforms can create new opportunities that would not be accessible to the existing industry. But the existing industry also possesses capabilities and assets (i.e. optimisation, scale and fleet) that would help newcomers to expand faster and create additional value to be shared.

I foresee the sharing economy to become more embedded into the transportation industry in the future. How soon? That depends on the willingness among both the existing industries as well as so called ‘disruptive startups’ to listen rather than ignore each other. I see real opportunities for us, as well as for the existing industry, to focus on creating synergies and opportunities for collaboration rather than trying to compete or destruct what already exist.

Best way to get rid of your mattress

Mattresses are hard to get rid of responsibly. They are bulky and don’t compact well, practically not recyclable.

So what’s the best way to get rid of your mattress you no longer need? Here are a few ways that we think it’s best:

  1. Sell it on Trademe: This is obvious. If you have maintained it pretty well, you can most likely sell it on Trademe. Don’t want to pay listing fee? Use 4tradeit instead! No fee, no problem, though less traffic there so may take a while before someone takes it.

  2. Give it to Salvation Army Family Stores: Salvation Army have 24 family stores located in Auckland. They are great way to not only getting rid of useful things you don’t like, it also helps keep their organisation running. Win Win situation here!
  3. Break it down yourself: If you have the time, energy and tools, you can easily break a mattress down yourself. Simply follow these steps:
    • Cut around the perimeter of the fabric covering and peel the cloth and foam away from the box springs and wooden frame.
    • Roll these materials into a compact bundle and put them in your regular trash can.
    • Take a saw and cut up the frame, which you can then burn or turn into wood chips.
    • Take the box springs to a recycling centre or sell them for scrap.

And that’s it! 3 best ways to get rid of your mattress. If you need help moving the mattress, please don’t hesitate to get in touch us. You can booking your move here or call us on +64 9 9518705.

How to choose the right vehicle for your move

How to choose the right vehicle for your move:

Choosing the right vehicle for your move is tough. Don’t worry, we have got you covered.

If you are moving only one or two items, your best bet would be a van. Our vans can fit quite a few large items. here’s a list of combo that could fit in a van easily:

  • A lounge suite (2+3 seaters)
  • Washing machine and Dryer
  • Queen bed and mattress
  • 10-15 boxes
  • One room moves

Anything more than one bedroom will probably need a truck.

  • 1-2 Rooms: 10-15 m3 truck
  • 2-3 Rooms: 20-30 m3 trucks
  • 4-6 rooms: 30 cubic trucks-50 cubic trucks

When using the above numbers, though, make sure you:

  1. Count every room! Not just the bedrooms.
  2. Don’t forget your garage
  3. When in doubt, upsize the vehicle, it’s not worth getting the wrong truck, as it’s going to end up more costly and more time consuming if you get a truck that is too small for your move

Good luck with your move! Unlike other movers or truck rental companies, we, at Transfervans, will help you pick the right vehicle for your move. If you’d like more help, visit or call us at +64 9 9518705.

Organising a Delivery – Ask a Friend, Rent a Truck or Book with Transfervans?


You just won an auction for a double mattress on Trademe. You start thinking about how to get it home?

Most of us are not so fortunate to own a vehicle that is suitable for transporting a bed. What to do? First, think of a friend or family member who has a van. Nobody comes to mind! Surely someone you know must have a car with towbar but does not have a trailer. Easy, just ask your friend to go to the nearest petrol station to rent one. After filling out the paperwork, picked the right size trailer (yep they come in different sizes and not all fit a bed) and paid $40 + deposit, your friend is on his way. 3 hours later, the mattress has been delivered and the trailer has been returned. You empty your wallet for small notes and coins and pay $55.30 to your friend for petrol, use of car and trailer hire. But surely you are also going to shout a few beers for him for helping out. Total price for trailer $55.30 + beers + hassling a friend.

Nah, too much a hassle to ask your friend with the tow bar to help. You research truck rentals and the cost is not too bad – $80 p/day. Do you choose to reduce the excess of $2,000? Nope, you take the risk. Remember to fill up the vehicle with petrol before the return. Should be no more than $10. You need an extra set of hands to help carry the bed, so you ask your friend to assist in return of organising a few pizzas. Lots of time went with picking up and returning the truck. Total price for truck rental and petrol $90 + pizzas + hassling a friend.

There must be a easier way to pick up the bed? You search online for delivery companies. You come across Transfervans who delivers anytime anywhere. It says you can book online. You (1) choose the right size vehicle, (2) enter Manukau as pick-up address and City as drop-off address which is 22km in between, (3) add the item that needs delivered and (4) pay. Hmm, that only took 2 minutes and is confirmed minutes later with a text telling you who the driver is! Total price for using Transfervans $71! And the driver will help you carry the mattress to your door.

Time to invite your friends over for beers and pizzas.

More Flexible Delivery Options Required to Support Multi-Channel Point of Sales Strategies

Processed with VSCO with e1 preset

The retail industry has changed dramatically over the past few years with increasing focus on multi-channel point of sales strategies to reach customers. The growth in multi-channel has been driven by advancements in tech and an increasingly diverse customer base with some still preferring brick-and-mortar shops and speaking to a real person while others are relying on online and contactless shopping. In July 2016, BNZ[1] reported that online transactions were up 13% from the same month last year. A strong indication that online sales is happening on the expense of more traditional shopping methods. How do the multi-channel point of sales strategies affect customers’ expectations to delivery options?

From product and price to service and delivery

The introduction of multi-channel retail strategies is well aligned with the shift from product to customer-focused strategies. Subsequently customer preferences are shifting from focusing on product and price to service and delivery. Customers are increasingly taking convenience and overall experience into consideration when deciding on where to spend their money. ChainLink Research[2] recommends retailers to rethink the whole consumer buying process from the first point of contact to the delivery and end of sales process; focus should not only be on the point of sale. In a survey of US consumers, Pitney Bowes[3] found that shipping is an important factor when buying online for 93% of the respondents. While price of the delivery is the most important factor, speed and reliability also have significant impact on customers’ buying decision. It is stressed, however, that customers are no longer homogeneous, but have different needs:

“Bottom line. Consumers are unpredictable… Therefore, you need a continuous and dynamic approach to scheduling home delivery. Otherwise home delivery becomes a money losing game”
ChainLink Research

Current delivery options incomplete

Most retailers only offer one type of delivery options for their customers. Often this option is very inflexible for the customer in the sense that the customers have no or very limited choice of delivery day/time. This is not very practical for customers who are working full-time during the week. In fact: (1) most customers would prefer to have it delivered either during the weekends or late afternoons to avoid having to take time off work, (2) Some customers also prefer to have it delivered on the same day of the purchase and (3) Others live outside the shops service area and are not presented with alternative delivery options; just to mention a few customer segments that are not currently serviced well with existing delivery options.

Partner with Transfervans to meet the demand of your customers

Transfervans is specialised in providing more flexible delivery options in partnership with retailers. We already work with 10+ retailers who have benefited from being able to offer their customers’ more freedom in terms of how they want their newly purchased furniture delivered.

“I would highly recommend using transfervans service as I was able to purchase the lounge suite from ifurniture and was able to get it delivered the same day as probably wouldn’t have purchased the lounge suite if this service wasn’t available..”
Ruth, 25/03/2016, Manurewa, Auckland

“The service was fantastic – being able to have our furniture delivered straight away instead of hanging around waiting for a delivery was so convenient. Efficient, hassle free and well worth the fee.”
Yvette, 18/04/2016, Milford, Auckland

We are able to deliver anytime and anywhere at affordable prices. Our service can be integrated with the retail store, so customers can make an informed choice of delivery options based on their preferences. Transfervans booking system is online and fits well with retailers who aim at increasing their online sales or simply are targeting more younger professionals or full-time working customers.


Why We Started Transfervans?


How the Idea Came About?

It all started when our Founder, Brian, in the midst of a buying outdoor furniture during the weekend found himself left with very poor delivery options. The retail store only delivered during the weekdays and could not confirm an exact time. Not ideal when working full-time. Finding an alternative delivery company, who was affordable and available in the weekends, was ‘Mission Impossible’. End of story, you end up paying $100 for a delivery which are completely on the terms of the delivery company. Surely there must be a better solution to this problem!

Next Step

Talking and listening to other people only confirmed our experience. Everyone had their own ‘horror stories of deliveries-gone-wrong’ to share, i.e. from deliveries of the wrong items to deliveries to the wrong location. In the early days of 2016 we decided to try to come up with a solution to take the hassle out of moving furniture as well as make it more affordable. We went into the ‘battle field’ with pen and paper to gather a better understanding of what customers really wanted. Already from day one we had customers asking us if we could deliver their newly purchased furniture on the same day or whenever they wanted it delivered. We allied ourselves with a few truck owners and it did not take long before our first delivery was completed. The feedback we received was awesome, as examplified by one of our early customers:

“The Transfervan service was great. We ordered a new bed and an hour later it was being carried up our stairs by the very helpful driver. Very impressive service!” Le Hang, 28/03/2016

These kind of endorsements really motivated us to push forward with the idea. Soon after we started to get inquiries from customers who had just won an auction on Trademe, were about to move to a new apartment or simply just wanted to move something from home to another location. We thought, perhaps we should develop a proper website.

Status September 2016

In just a few months, Transfervans has grown into a ‘real business’ with revenue growing at a very fast pace. We have more and more drivers joining our network as they are looking at making some extra income or simply just want to utilise excess capacity. Transfervans remains an independent platform that simply connects customers in need of facilitating a delivery with one of our verified but independent vehicle owners. The solution is embedded in the sharing economy and is aligned with the principles of 2-sided marketplaces and on-demand models, which have fostered so many successful business in recent time, i.e. AirbnB, Uber and Postmates. Our approach to starting up this business have been inspired by fast-fail, lean startup and agile development.

Our business philosophy is to Empower people in Travel and Transportation. We are committed to make this happening.