Alert Level 4 – Essential Deliveries Only

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At 11.59pm Tuesday 17 August 2021, New Zealand will move into Covid Alert Level 4. Auckland and the Coromandel Peninsula will be in this level for 7 days, the rest of the country will be in it for three days.

This will mean that most items, deemed non-essential, cannot be delivered at this time.

The Government issued guidance on which companies can remain open during the Level-4 in 2020 and Transfervans will continue to operate to this guidance.

The government has made it clear that:

“Businesses that are a critical part of the supply chain for essential services are also able to continue operating, but must do so in a way that is safe”

Transfervans believes that it has implemented a number of processes which will improve the safety of deliveries for essential workers and industries if required. However, for the safety of everyone, we understand that our delivery service cannot be used for non-essential industries or workers.

Last year, then MBIE chief executive, Paul Stocks, clearly stated:

“Only the businesses absolutely essential to ensure the necessities of life, like supermarkets and pharmacies, can stay open. If in doubt, the business premises should be closed.”

Transfervans will therefore halt virtually all deliveries for both business and consumer customers from 11.59pm (Tonight) until our Alert status changes or there is further advice from the Government except for essential items.

For businesses that are delivering essential services, and require deliveries to be made, we request that a Director of the business provide a signed letter stating that ‘any delivery requests made during the mandatory government shutdown will be for essential workers and essential services only’.

We will be there for essential deliveries when called upon.

Transfervans is committed to supporting the Government’s measures and essential services during this time.

The safety and security of New Zealanders and our visitors is of the utmost importance at this time, that is why “we need as many businesses as possible to close their premises now if our one shot at beating the virus is to be successful”.

Contactless Deliveries – Available for Essentials

For further business information, please contact the team at [email protected]

Noho Tawhiti / Stay Safe

David Nolan
Business Manager, Transfervans