Delivery Disruption From Auckland Harbour Bridge Closure

Following damage to the Auckland Harbour Bridge and subsequent repairs, Transfervans experienced a number of disruptions to our delivery service.

Auckland Harbour Bridge
Auckland Harbour Bridge – Closures following damage and high winds

Last week, a support beam on Auckland’s Harbour Bridge was damaged when a gust of wind blew a truck into it, closing lanes for many days.

The disruptions to our customers were minimal and we did not receive any adverse comments. However, if you were inconvenienced, we apologise for these disruptions.

An additional bridge closure this morning at short notice, due to high winds, has adversely affected deliveries for today (29 September 2020).

Due to this short notice, we have been unable to compensate with our delivery routing procedure. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.

The delivery teams will continue to keep customers updated throughout the day, via text.