Level-3 Delivery Process

On Tuesday 11 August 2020, at approximately 9.30pm, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and, Director General of Health, Dr Ashley Bloomfield, announced that Auckland would be entering Covid-19 Alert Level Three from 12pm, Noon, the next day (Wednesday 12 August 2020). 

Under Alert-3 and Alert-2, Transfervans will continue to operate using safe distancing using the process below.

Customer Advisory Covid-19

Transfervans believes that the safety of the public and our teams are paramount.

Please Maintain Physical Distancing

Please remain at least 2 Metres away from our delivery teams at all times.

Reduced Service for 1-Person Moves

To ensure physical distancing is maintained, our one-person delivery teams will not be able to assist in moving large items

To avoid any risk that the delivery cannot be completed, please have another person from your own bubble present (a total of two) to load and unload the vehicle.

Contactless Delivery

Our moving / delivery team(s) will take photos as part of our contactless Proof of Delivery (POD). Thank you for your cooperation.

No Shared Devices or Close Contact

Please ensure that there is no direct contact with our delivery team. We’ll take photos to confirm delivery. You will not be asked to sign for deliveries.

Keeping an Eye on NPS Feedback

Transfervans uses customer feedback to provide visibility on performance and customer satisfaction, throughout the customer journey.

We use the Net Promoter Score, a globally recognised metric, to measure a number of different metrics so that we can se trends and address problems.

Transfervans NPS as at 3Aug2020
Keeping an eye on our NPS score is important to improve service levels

We use this data to understand the challenges in the delivery process, and create New Zealand’s most customer centric delivery provider.

It’s always interesting to see how we can do better. But it’s always lovely when some data blips occur, showing our scores for August to be 100. But it’s also interesting to see where we are coming up short, and in which areas.

We’ll keep working hard to do things better. Thank you to all our customers for providing feedback for the deliveries. If you want to make a booking, visit https://transfervans.co.nz