Lockdown Has Affected Consumer Demand Expectation

With 2020 delivering new challenges to businesses across market segments, now is probably the time to focus on your customers.

What is the most important aspect of a businesses delivery strategy?

If you are in the business of delivering bulky stock, this can be a difficult question to address. This isn’t a courier item that can easily be picked up from a depot if the customer is not home. It requires planning.

So depending on who you ask in an organisation, the strategic focus can be quite different.

For years, Operations Managers have used metrics like “Freight Recovery Rate” to determine the ‘profitability’ of the delivery process, leading to deliveries taking place only when it suited the operational process and ignored consumer demands.It simply wasn’t their job to worry about this and their KPIs tended to encourage ignoring it. This focus diminishing the overall customer experience and eliminating any opportunity for customer retention or return, has its own cost.

Elsewhere, the sales team can ignore the delivery process until the final stages or forget the delivery to the customer isn’t just the final stage in the delivery experience, but also a metaphor for customer satisfaction and the final stage in the sales cycle. Or worse still, feel the fulfilment process as a burden to be ignored.

Whilst at the top, the Senior Management Team curse every lost potential sale due to the tensions between Operational fulfilment and the Sales process, as customers decide that they can’t rearrange their schedule to wait for a delivery that might come in 5-7 days.

Customer Centricity

The drivers a business uses to improve efficiency, must also focus on the consumer and end-user. A focus on customer expectations is important for any business, especially at times when consumers are choosing where to spend their money.

Communication is all important, not just to encourage the the sale, but to create a repeat customer.

That’s why Transfervans includes text message and email updates as standard, improving the delivery experience and ensuring customer satisfaction.

NPS Feedback Ratings Daily
Transfervans NPS Dashboard

Letting the customer know when an item will be delivered is a key driver the consumer satisfaction. It allows improvements to be made and problems to be addressed at the earliest possible state.

Unlike many businesses that use Net Promoter Score as a customer metric, our statistics are as live, with feedback generated at the conclusion of the delivery service per delivery.Business Booking Platform Overview

What will the future hold for business deliveries?

Businesses face some tough challenges moving forward. Will they adapt to and focus, or rely on systems invented decades before. Why wait when Transfervans offers same-day and scheduled deliveries to suit every budget?

We know where we think the focus should be! Contact us at [email protected] to find out more.