Contactless Delivery Solution Implemented

At Transfervans, and our sister company, Transfercar, we understand that many of our clients may be affected by the implementation of measures to combat the spread of Covid-19.

No Contact on Device

Like other businesses tackling this issue, we’re being guided by the Ministry of Health, which recommends reduced personal contact to reduce transmission and to flatten-the-curve. During this time, we continue to expect to meet the demands of the market.

On Monday, therefore, we implemented a new drop-off procedure to minimise contact between the delivery team and your customers: specifically, the delivery provider will no longer hand their electronic device to your customers and will instead verbally take their name and log photos of delivery for verification.

We think this is the right thing to do.

Commitment to Best Practice
Transfervans has established its place as the leading last-mile delivery specialist with continuous year-on-year growth. However, in the short-term, we expect delivery numbers to drop as a result of economic uncertainty and a reduction in consumer confidence.

During this time, Transfervans will continue to develop our customer-centric model and ensure that your customers get the best level of service available. As always, we’re committed to ensuring that we pay our delivery providers on time and are treated fairly.

I am confident of our funding arrangements moving through this time, however, they do rely on timely payments by our clients. With that in mind, please contact us proactively should there be any delays in payments.

Further Steps
We shall continue to improve our processes to ensure that we can continue to support your business, and be there to support you. Please continue to engage with the team as you would normally.

Thank you for choosing Transfervans, and we look forward to providing exceptional service throughout these challenging months. For everyday matters, please continue to contact David Nolan, our General Manager, and the dispatch team.

Thank You and Stay Safe

Brian Karlson
CEO, Nextransfer