Business Delivery Booking Platform Gets a Facelift

Since the inception of Transfervans, we’ve put our customers first. That’s why we are committed to to building the most customer centric delivery platform that there is.

With all the feedback that we have collected. We made come improvements to our business platform which were launched on 9th March 2019.

The goal of this new update is simple:

Transfervans is committed to helping retailers reduce the time spent on managing deliveries by improving the user experience and making the system more intuitive

What’s new?

It’s not all cosmetic with the update, there’s some nifty new features too.

Tracking Page for your Customers

All business deliveries will now have tracking links that you can share with your customers. This means your customers can track the status of their deliveries directly, without the need to contact the driver, your store or our customer service team. 

We shall also continue to use SMS / text message notifications to your customers.

Tracking link will be automatically generated after a booking is made and is found under each job page.

What’s improved?

  1. Dashboard

Design of Booking

This is more than just a fancy re-design, the objective is to help you reduce the time it takes to find all the important information about your upcoming deliveries. So we added:

  • New Tiles to showing your Tracking Deliveries for
    • Deliveries Today, Upcoming Deliveries, and Monthly Completed
      • Click on the tiles to see the deliveries
  • Drop-down: Pickup Location Selection:
    • Select between different location pickups to see what is due for pickup that day
  • Drop-down: Day Selection:
    • You can now select deliveries by filtering by today, tomorrow or all upcoming (All, Today and Upcoming)
  • Clearer job list
    • See your deliveries at a glance
  1. Booking Page

We have added new fields to the booking page to give us a better understanding of the delivery (for flexi-standard customers), provide freight-pricing where available and ensure that deliveries go off without a hitch.

So, to avoid errors and reduce nuisance for you and your customers. We have added:

  • Select any Pickup Location
    • Select from your Site List, or;
    • Add any pickup location
      • useful for one-off pickups from a supplier, or;
      • a return from a customer
  • Authority to Leave options
    • If chosen, customers can specify where they would like their items left.
  • Cartons, Volume and Weight inputs
    • To ensure we send the right vehicle to the job and to provide the best possible pricing, just fill in the details to avoid issues and get the best available pricing
  • Accessories
    • We are happy to deliver a few smaller items at the same time as the large items. We have added this category specifically for those smaller items, usually delivered as no charge.
    • Pop all those pillows into a box, and we’ll deliver along with the sofa
      • Note: only a selected type of items can be categorised as accessories (e.g. pillows, small lamps, covers etc).  Click the “?” next to the title for more details.
  1. Booked Job Page

Once a job has been added, you’ll see the Booked Job Board has had an overview to make details clearer.

Primary information is now more prominent and placed at the top of the page with primary secondary information, such as time of delivery and driver details, highlighted in yellow on the left (or below on mobile device).

Additional details are also available to view at a glance, three categories:

  1. (i.e. Customer,
  2. Pickup / Drop Off Location
    1. Delivery Access Instructions
    2. Delivery / Authority to Leave Instructions
  3. Delivery Items

Transfervans always strives to be the best in the market when it comes to technology and usability. Do you have more feedback?

Contact the team at [email protected]  We’d love to hear from you!