Text Message and SMS Delivery Notification Improvements

Aucklander’s can now get a better delivery experience for bulky items , with the arrival of new SMS notifications, from Transfervans.

Our business was launched as a technology platform to reduce the delivery hassle for retailers and customers alike. By bringing delivery providers together with retailers and customers, we believed we could create an amazing customer centric business.

So recently, we’ve overhauled the text messaging notification system to improve communication for retail deliveries (and made a few improvements to consumer bookings too).

With this rework of the text notification system, we aim to reduce the uncertainty and anxiety for your customers to ensure they are not trapped inside the house, waiting for a delivery.

Based on customer and retailer feedback, we know one big issue that causes anxiety is lack of communication. So this update is about ensuring relevant details are being communicated at the right time.

So what has improved or added?

  • Delivery Arranged
    • Text message advises when when the delivery date will be at the time of booking
  • Expectation Management
    • All messages now advise when customer can next expect communication, thus reducing uncertainty in the delivery process
  • Reduction of Duplicate Messages
    • We’ve made each message more purposeful and meaningful
    • Reminder messages will be sent in the morning of delivery only if not booked same-day
  • Send Delivery Expectation(s)
    • Drivers will advise delivery expectations (Morning or Afternoon), on day of delivery
  • One-Hour Away / On Way SMS Messages
    • Keeping customer’s up-to-date improves customer experience and reduces failed deliveries
  • Send Driver Details
    • Driver details are advised to the customer on the day of delivery, so customers can advise urgent updates
  • Job update texts are now more explicit
    • Includes delivery date and time: allowing errors to be corrected

Transfervans is always working to reducing hassle and anxiety for you and your customers.

If you have any suggestions, please let us know!

You can always email us at [email protected]

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