Debunking the Most Common Moving Myths

image02In many cases, moving home means you’re making progress, creating better living conditions for your family and setting an example to your loved ones how hard work pays off. There are, of course, situations when things are not positive, but whatever the case, the actual act of packing, transporting and unpacking is pretty much the same.

Naturally, everyone you ask has an opinion on how you should go about when it comes to moving. Some advice is based on experience, some not so much. So, if you consult a plumber about installing a fixture in your bathroom and if you hire an electrician when there’s a need for electrical work, why don’t you trust the opinion of people who move entire homes and companies for a living? Let’s hear what they have to say about common misconceptions and myths related to moving.

Rocket science

Unless you are physically unable to pack, carry, load and unload a truck, there’s probably no reason to hire moving professionals, or that’s at least what many people think and say. Of course, it’s usually cheaper to do it yourself or with a little help from your friends. What you need to take into account, however, is the fact that depending on the number of items and people available, your moving might take way too much time.

Also, carrying an object from point A to point B is basically a straightforward process, but you need to think about how many times will you have to repeat that action and whether you’ll be able to do it. You should start with objects that create an obstacle to people moving around your home and those objects that weigh more. The reason is simple: you’re still fresh and full of energy and enthusiasm. Chances are you won’t be feeling like that towards the end. Moreover, if you decide on a fully DIY job, you should protect yourself from potential injuries.

Driving a rented truck vs hiring professionals

Another aspect that divides opinions is whether you should save money by renting a truck and driving it yourself. It’s true that you’d be saving money, but what about the risk? If you have a license, but don’t have a truck, it suggests that you don’t drive such a vehicle regularly, which, in turn, means that you’re not very experienced.

For this reason, transfervans might just be the thing you are looking for. Our online platform help you find the right vehicle at any time and any day of the week, even on Sundays, and most importantly, you’ll pay up to 40% less than an average moving company would charge you.


Some say that if you load the truck carefully, you don’t need to be particularly careful about protecting individual items. Nothing can be further from the truth! All your valuable possessions need to be wrapped and protected appropriately. You should also wrap up your carpets if you’re taking them, since they can get dirty and stained easily.

Furthermore, if you have some really fragile and valuable pieces, you need to take extra care of them and make sure you have enough bubble wrap. The most critical part is the actual drive from your old to the new home because any sudden braking or swerving can damage and break your belongings easily.

The almighty boxes

Many people don’t have time to pack their stuff properly or they are just too lazy to do that. Not only is it more difficult to protect more valuable items, but you need to check each one individually and carry it to the designated room. What you need to do instead is clearly label each box, stating which room is its destination and, if necessary, whether special care should be taken while handling the box.


Ideally, you should avoid extreme heat or cold. Rain doesn’t speed up the process either. However, sometimes you just can’t wait for a season to end and you have to deal with the situation. What you can do, though, is move on a Friday. That should give you enough time for final, finishing touches during the weekend when it comes to unpacking and putting everything in its new place. Also, it might be more convenient to get a day off on a Friday than some other day. Naturally, not everyone agrees with this.

Would you know how to react in an emergency? Are you ready to accept the risk of damaging your own stuff? These are just some of the things you need to ask yourself. As you can see, there are some considerations to be made before moving house and you could do worse than ask for professional help. Even if you don’t end up hiring them for the job, you’re bound to pick some invaluable advice.

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