Smooth Relocation On A Shoestring: Tips & Tricks


Getting a job in another city means that you will probably have to move, especially if the new place is more attractive than the town you are currently living in. However, the procedure of moving is not as simple as you might think beforehand. Many tiny details have to be sorted out to make the whole process as smooth and economical as possible. This is even more important when you have to start working at once and get packed in a few days.

Boxes for safe packing

No moving procedure can be done properly without appropriate boxes. They are the essence of every relocation process. Moving companies have realized their importance and they charge an arm and a leg to provide boxes for moving. However, you should depend on them, but you can get your own boxes and save a substantial sum of money.

Firstly, ask your friends and relatives if they have any empty boxes or know where they can be purchased at low prices. Secondly, go round the neighborhood and check if the supermarkets have any free old boxes. Finally, visit the Internet sites that sell boxes at reasonable prices. Additionally, make sure to recycle the boxes properly once you have finished with the moving.

Get rid of old stuff

There is hardly a better opportunity to ditch your old stuff than when you are packing to move to a new home. The advantage of such a proactive approach is multifold. First of all, you will leave the old energy behind you, which will help you start over in a more successful way.

In addition to this, you could earn some money from selling the things you no longer need. For instance, organizing a pre-moving garage sale could be a practical way to say goodbye to your neighbors and turn the old belongings into cash.

Moreover, you could also sell your old car, offering it for sale at one of those increasingly popular online car auctions, then simply rent a spacious relocation van to make the moving process much easier and cheaper, and purchase a brand new vehicle once you have moved and fully settled in at the new location.

Cancel utility contracts on time

When you are moving, you have to burn all the bridges that connect you to your old location, utilities-wise. Every mover should contact their electricity, heating and cable TV providers on time, to ensure that they do not charge them for the period after the moving.

It might not save you a fortune, but you can redirect the money saved that way to pay the new utility bills in your new home. Also, when you move, you should choose the most affordable gas and electricity providers, so have a look at some guidelines for that procedure.

Use the tax deductions

Believe it or not, the authorities offer interesting tax deductions for certain types of moves. The aim of every government is to encourage people to move to passive areas and boost their development. So, if you agree to move to a less developed area or a region that has a special status, you might even be allowed to claim some unusual tax deductions.

Moreover, there are also some tax regulations that determine tax deductions on the basis of the distance between your previous home and job and your new home and work premises. Also, have a better look at some tax deductible features you can claim when moving to a new home and town.

Relocating is a great chance for a fresh start. If you manage to handle the whole procedure in a smooth way and save some money in so doing, your new start will be even more pleasant. In this way, you will truly be ready for a new career in a new place.

Article by Lillian Connors.

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