Benefits And Drawbacks Of Back Loading When Moving House


Back loading is a viable option when moving house. Several homeowners opt for back loading instead of a professional removal company. Back loading refers to a service provided by individuals and small groups who rent out the space on the back of their trucks. You can load your belongings on the back of the truck and the driver will take them to your new home. There are several benefits and drawbacks of back loading when moving house.


  • First and foremost, back loading is an inexpensive option for house moving. You have to pay a fraction of the money you would have to pay a professional moving firm. This makes back loading highly affordable. If you are on a tight budget, back loading is a great option to avail and move house without spending too much money.
  • Back loading services are available at a short notice. The big and well known moving firms have a lot of appointments and reservations made in advance. They might not be able to accommodate your house moving on the day you want. A back loader can be found at a short notice. If you don’t want to delay your house moving, you can find a back loading service.
  • Removalist companies drive from their office to your home, load your things and then drive to your home. On the other hand, back loading trucks are already en route in the direction of your new home. They load the things and deliver them. This saves fuel and heat, which makes the whole process eco friendly.


  • Back loading movers are not accredited. They don’t have the licensing and certification which professional moving firms do. Though they may do the job perfectly, they are not professional in the true sense of the word. Most of them are looking to make some extra money by helping people move homes.
  • There is little chance that you will receive proper insurance limiting your liability during transit. Even after your belongings have been loaded, the liability remains with you. Any damage to your things during the journey will be on your account. The back loaders will have no responsibility whatsoever. Proper insurance is provided by the reputable moving firms.
  • In most cases, the back loaders arrive on the day of the move. They don’t do an inventory of your things so there is always the chance that something might go missing or get misplaced. Inventory is important to know exactly what items were placed on the truck belonging to the back loading firm.
  • Because you don’t have a proper receipt or any documentation, there is a chance that the driver might abscond with all your belongings. This is a great risk to undertake. This is one of the reasons you should avoid availing the option of back loading when moving home.

Keep all these in mind when you are seeking a firm to help you move house.

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